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Alumni of Activate Your Inner Jaguar, Kate Pope, Jessie Levine, and Carina Devi came on the Magamama podcast to talk about their Jaguar experiences.

Kris Gonzalez on female reproductive health, menstruation, postpartum and parimenopause. She shares what what is jing, how it is developed, and how it affects us and discusses three golden opportunities available to menstruating people. Kris’s personal journey is as a mother of two children with autism, the effect it had on her health, and how she restored her wellness.

Jennifer Lang recently published an open letter as an OB-GYN who supports women who seek alternative, holistic, and awakened care. She has authored two books, “Consent: The New Rules for Sex Education” and “The Whole 9 Months: A Week-by-week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide.” Jennifer Today she speaks on her journey from ‘surgical cowboy’ to an advocate for bodily autonomy, discovering embodiment through birth, empowering low income communities to screen for and treat cervical cancer, and supporting women in building personal agency within a medical system.

Keli Garza, Steamy Chick, and Kimberly Johnson, Magamama discuss the results of The Fourth Trimester Vaginal Steam Study results. We are defining what postpartum recovery looks like. In this podcast we will walk you through the study design- what we did, how we did it, what the results are and what we think the groundbreaking implications of those results mean for future postpartum health and future studies.

Cece joins us fresh out of her 6 th grade Sex Education curriculum and offers insight and feedback on ways to make the process more comfortable, effective, and accurate. We also talk about the challenges of body image and learning to embrace both our flaws and strengths. Cece opens up about her experience as a bi-racial individual navigating school, life, and the current political climate.

Steve Hoskinson was one of my Somatic Experiencing teachers and has since gone on to found Organic Intelligence. He hosts The End of Trauma podcast and has made democratizing nervous system information his mission.

Katie Silcox is a yoga instructor and Ayurveda instructor who studied with world renowned teachers and became disillusioned by some of what she experienced in the yoga world.  Her experiences allowed her to become more discerning and offer her students safety and freedom in their own practice.

Levina and Caleb have been journaling together about their sex life for nearly a year. They quickly discovered that creating this intimate and authentic space allowed them to learn more about themselves and each other, both within and outside of sex. They’ve been able to unearth and heal old dynamics, foster curiosity and communication, and continue building an electric sex life.

Sabia Wade began her birth work with incarcerated people. A full spectrum doula, she is an educator, doula trainer and activist. She says there's no separating activism and birthwork and wants all people to have access to care. She is the founder of For the Village, a non-profit setting out to address disparities in birth and provide community for birthworkers. 

Gia Lynne is offering a pleasure-positive comprehensive sex education in On Blossoming- the book she wrote for her inner 12-year-old. She talks about sensuality, friendship and an expanded definition of sex.

Five very different women share their experiences in MotherCircle: a monthlong dive into the physical, emotional, psychological, relational, sexual and spiritual shifts of becoming a mother. 

Azita is a Kundalini yogini, an activist, and a trauma specialist. She is the founder of Trauma to Dharma, and specializes in integrating practical spirituality with therapeutic work to promote transformational healing. We chat about her journey through abuse into purposeful living, and navigating recovery and a spiritual practice during motherhood.

Kendra is a teacher of relationships and intimacy, and the founder of Authentic Relating. She was raised by a single mother and is a single mother to her own two children. We chat about approaching relationships from reality rather than wishes, finding and following inner wisdom, and how the balance of healthy masculine and feminine can improve our relationships.

Alexandra is one of a small group of medical doctors specially trained in Reproductive Psychiatry. In this episode, she discusses the history of women and psychiatry, how some medical research data is currently being safely collected on pregnant women and her intention for her new book to be a preventative guidebook to reduce postpartum depression. Alexandra is the author of “What No One Tells You; a Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood” as well as the host of the podcast Motherhood Sessions.

What is ancestral grief and how is it showing up postpartum, how and why to find community support as if your life depends on it, how she found her own life partner. Rachelle shares about new paradigms and new models in partnership and business, as well as her personal story of financial health and transformation, how financial need and breadwinning has not allowed her to hide, and insisted she give her gifts.

Five women share their stories about what changed for them after taking the Forging a Feminine Path course. All of the women mention that understanding women's arousal was groundbreaking for them.

It's possible to heal prolapse and not just "manage the symptoms." Prolapse is an increasingly common outcome of birth and postpartum practices. To work with prolapse, you need to understand the contributing factors. In this episode, Kimberly breaks down how to figure out what's contributing to your prolapse and how to deal with it. 

Jenna is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner who specializes in working with new mothers during the first 42 days postpartum. Ayurveda informs my own backdrop of postpartum philosophy, and I’m happy to welcome Jenna to share a deeper dive into this framework of healthcare.

In this episode, Brooke shares about how the birth of her son was a psycho-spiritual death experience, the rich depth of her postpartum experiences, practicing as a Zen Monk AND parenting, and her new course “Write to the Heart of Motherhood.”

Dr. Claudia, author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, talks about how the title of her book is actually backwards, her “aha!” moment when she was studying hormones, the difference between sex hormones and stress hormones, and how our spiritual and emotional choices reverberate through our physical bodies.

Christine Caldwell, author of Bodyfulness and Oppression of the Body, shares her activism centered around the bodylessness present in our culture, how to translate your physical experience to your social interaction, and how embracing inquiry and challenges can support your well being.

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, author of The Fifth Vital Sign and host of Fertility Friday, shares how to determine when you’re actually fertile, the biology of the menstrual cycle and how different birth control alters this, and the importance of male fertility in conception and how to boost it.

Bari Tessler, financial therapist and the author of The Art of Money, shares her journey into perimenopaus, how she learned to lose her shame around money, and how to live through ebbs and flows of income.

Tobin Zivon, relationship catalyst for men, women and couples, shares some of the golden rules of healthy relating, the important ingredients to a flourishing relationship, and how to reduce drama in your relationship.

Brigit is a licensed massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, a trauma resolution therapist, and believes deeply in the magic of life and the wild wisdom of the body. We discuss sensing your own boundaries, working with imprints from our own conception & birth to find systemic healing, and healthy attachment.

Heng and I were working on postpartum care books at the same time, and shared overlapping support circles. It has often felt like we have been on parallel journeys in the world of postpartum care. She is the author of The First Forty: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, and the founder of Mother Bees.

Rahi is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, a STREAM practitioner, a NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner, and has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. He shares how he came into the path of intentional sexual healing, how to discover your own preferences and those of your partner through Full Body Active Consent, and how pleasure factors into his work.

Dan Doty is the founder of Evryman, a father, and a husband. He’s constantly delving into new depths with himself, his wife, and the men in his life. Dan has found incredible liberation through his work helping men connect with each other.

Holly Griggs-Spall, author of Sweetening the Pill, shares how her mental health changed when she stopped taking hormonal birth control. She shares her own journey, the dearth of critical examination of the pill’s side effects, and how synthetic hormones change our emotional landscapes and who we’re attracted to.

Liz Koch is the founder and author of Core Awareness. She believes the psoas should be considered an organ of perception. In this fascinating episode, she shares how the psoas is connected to our emotional states and our nervous system, and how to find resiliency and tone the nervous system through movement and play.

Jennifer Mayer, birth doula, placenta specialist, and Baby Caravan founder shares from her 12 years of experience in the birth world. She gives us the lowdown on placenta encapsulation and safety; talks about her own postpartum period and what she’ll do differently next time; and how to choose the right doula for your own birth and/or postpartum.

Kimberly Seals Allers shares how the environment we are currently in sets us up for breastfeeding failure, and how importance of using our power as consumers to start dialogues with our care providers about breastfeeding and lactation. She talks about taking morality and guilt out of the current debate around breastfeeding and birth, and the ways feminism has let mothers down.

Sex and relationship coach Kim Anami shares how our sexual, emotional and psychological blocks show up in the birth experience, and how to prepare for birth with sex. She delves into what orgasms, exploratory sex, and even female ejaculation teach us about giving birth, and announces her new course Sexy Mama.

In this special episode of the Magamama podcast, my right-hand woman Lynn Wolfbrandt interviews four women who have taken my course Activate Your Inner Jaguar. They share their aha moments and experiences, and we even talk to the partner of one of the women, who had profound realizations and changes in intimacy from his wife’s experience in Jaguar.

Jaiya, a sexological body-worker, educator, and prolific author, discusses the Erotic Blueprint types and the role that they play in our relationships. In this episode, Jaiya shares how own blueprint has shifted throughout her life and details the different characteristics of each of the five blueprint types.

Bethany Saltman drafted the nation's first "affirmative consent" policy at Antioch College in the 90s. That means she's been having the #metoo conversion and talking about the politics of pleasure for a good long time. She is now at work on a book about attachment. Recorded right before the Kavanagh confirmation, we talk about the behavior during the hearings- body language and attachment style.  

In this episode, Mindfulness mama mentor Hunter Clarke-Fields talks about the importance of practicing mindfulness in parenting and how she helps stressed-out moms become more grounded in their daily lives. Hunter also shares about her life as an artist and the role that painting played in own pregnancy and entry into motherhood.

In this episode, we talk to astrologer Shannon Aganza for a deeper understanding of astrology: both in your own birth chart, and in the current transits (specifically Mars and Venus retrograde). You'll learn all about the erotic potential for your sign, and how astrology manifests in the body.

In this edition of the Magamama podcast, we’re switching it up a little! Listen to trauma expert Rachael Maddox interview Kimberly about her work in birth and in sex, what can help us all heal, and how to start today.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Ariel Giaretto shares how somatic experiencing can help us connect to our core self, the pervasiveness of “sexuality trauma” in our society, and her own unique journey to somatic experiencing and what she has learned from over 40 years of being involved in the healing arts.


Healer Marcia Lopez reveals the importance of healing our relationships to our wombs, and how our social and political environments influence our personal health and healing. She speaks of her personal journey to embodiment and how it has influenced her work.

Racha Lawler, aka Crimson Fig, shares her personal story as a black midwife in the United States, her insights about the systemic racism within health care, and the need for creating a ‘seat at the table’ for black women to affect change within midwifery and beyond.

Molly Caro May talks about the inspiration behind her memoir Body Full of Stars, her exploration of postpartum rage and what it can teach us, the connection between storytelling and healing, and the state of anger in our culture today.

Christiane Pelmas, activist, guide, re-wilder, and the executive director of OneWomanRadio and Global Culture of Women, shares her experiences with her cycle, abortion, and menopause—and the intelligence of these initiations. Listen to learn about the potential for erotic sex and a QUEEN existence from the menopausal years.

Dr. Katherine Zagone shares about the relationship between holistic health and optimal fertility, what’s missing from the current medical approach, and her unique, holistic work combining the environmental, physical and emotional in her practice.

Hear from five women who've taken my course Activate Your Inner Jaguar—what they learned and what shifted in the course. You'll hear five women in their late 20s to late 50s talk about everything from dating, sex, deeply ingrained habits, motherhood and orgasm, in this special episode.

Nikki Coffelt- Licensed Psychologist, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, provocateur and shamanic artist talks about addiction, somatic recovery, two-spiritedness and how to find our way back to ourselves.

Ale Duarte is a somatic educator who travels around the world offering training to professionals who work in the fields of psychology, education and body-oriented therapy. His specialty is experience in child trauma,

This episode is about honoring all kinds of births- how to do that and what that process is like. Eileen has an enormous heart of service and is infiltrating the fashion world with her message “Women Are Sacred.”

Ellen Heed is back for her fourth episode, to share about what's missing in the dialogue about sex postpartum, the biological realities of the postpartum time, and how these affect libido.

Emilee Saldaya boldly challenges the conventional birth process and refers to the ‘amnesia’ modern women embody when it comes to biological natural birth.  She discusses why birth is a feminist issue and why Free Birth has become more popular. 

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli is a yoga teacher trainer, and wrote the tome Yoni Shakti: A Woman’s Guide to Power and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra, which connects feminism, blood rites, and yoga. We talk about yoga patriarchy, and what it means to be a woman practicing yoga.

We talk about how to approach sex with kids (not "The Talk"), sexual archetypes, consent-based medical practices, racism in activism, and what's next after MeToo.

Deej & Uma are international Sexological Bodywork teachers and teacher trainers. I traveled to Australia for them to be my guides and I cannot recommend this training, and them as teachers highly enough.  This year, they’ll be teaching the program in LA, a huge opportunity for those of us in the US!

Centehua shares her personal journey with her body image-- of becoming a mother at 19, taking on her mother and grandmothers' assessment of her body, & deciding to get a mommy makeover. She decides to have her implants removed as an act of self-love, & does so without general anesthetic.

Joelle is the master who helped me write my book proposal. She knows how to excavate the soul of a book and make you a better writer in the process. This episode is like pulling back the curtain of the whole process from idea to publication.

Special episode!! I am getting interviewed by the charming, solid, vibrant masculine Carlos Marin Jr about natural birth, gender roles, and exploratory sex. 

Dr. Kelly Brogan shares deeply about her initiation and awakening through motherhood. This is an amazing episode—Kelly stands up for truth, for new and recovered knowledge, and is willing to facilitate rites of passage for others. 

Ellen Boeder and I talk about her exploration of feminism and motherhood, and how the cultural standards of having to do it all, alone, sets mothers up for burnout. We talk about giving women the permission and agency to do what’s right for them, and how to redefine motherhood. 

Another profound interview with my mentor, Ellen Heed, the co-founder of our school STREAM. In this interview we  share nuggets from the course, talk about the power of un-shaming, and the possibilities and realities of pelvic touchwork. We end with what’s upcoming and how you can learn more.

I talked to Sil Reynolds about mothering in the digital age, why it’s our job to stay at the center of our daughter’s world, and how we can mother better—meaning more connected, deeper, and closer. And how conflict is an opportunity for deeper connection. 

Bernardo Mendez helps women find their soulmates, and it works! He believes in big epic love and helps women get there. He helps women understand their blocks when it comes to love and partnership. We talk about all things love in this episode. 

Ellen Heed (my mentor) and I talk about how to heal our pain and look in the right place for the source of our symptoms- whether depression or painful sex- and how to assess our clients, so we don't just keep knocking on the wrong door! 

Today I have a guest who is going to charm you like you haven’t been charmed quite yet. She has the best accent and a very warm heart. Deborah Claire Bagg is the owner and founder of the yoga studio, LoveisJuniper in Brooklyn- which is a yoga center, flower shop and has treatment spaces.

In this episode, we talk about breathwork as a therapeutic modality that bypasses the mind, the role of emotions, and dealing with grief. We ended up in some deep archetypal shizzle. The story of Erin's family, her mother and her sister has so many miraculous and redemptive elements for them as souls and family, but for us all. 

Today you will meet Ellen Heed- my mentor, the person who helped me heal my own birth injury and who paved the way for the new model of health that is culminating in our work in the STREAM school. Ellen is a Visionary Craniosacral practitioner and teacher and has taught anatomy and physiology all over the world for the past twenty years. 

Spirituality and sexuality can be the same thing when trauma moves out of the way. In this episode, Jessica shares her personal story of being raised by beautiful and terrible wolves, and how she arrived at this path of being a spiritual teacher and filmmaker.

This interview is not about offering answers, a strategy or a plan but more how to navigate deep change by embracing the unknown, dancing with mystery and meeting one-self in a tender transparent integrity every step of the way. 

Attachment theory, regulation and the nervous system. We talk about navigating relationships as new moms and as partners, co-dependence vs. interdependence and how mom, partner and baby’s needs can all be met allowing everyone’s cup to be full.

What is Tantra, how does Tantra relate to life, relationships and family. How do we transition from marriage to family without severing all bonds. In this episode, we talk about erectile dysfunction, maturing sexuality, and evolving models of relationship and community.

The differences between a doula, homebirth midwife, and CPM. Tema Mercado explains the legacies of Xicana customs like the rebouzo in postpartum care and how to honor tradition. She also introduces Casa de la Salud, Tijuana's first birth center.

Intuition, Anger and Boundaries with Love. In this episode, Juna and Kimberly talk about intuition. What exactly is intuition? How do you tap into it? What is its role in therapy? As a practitioner, how do you capitalize on your intuition, and also develop accurate discernment? Juna shares some of her gems and insights from her upcoming book, A Good Girl’s Guide to Anger, and much more.

Maggie Rintala talks about her own challenging postpartum journey and how that that drew her to find the support she was looking for and her approach to healthy exercise during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

McLean McGown defines what a postpartum doula is, how to plan to have one and why, and her own experience with postpartum anxiety that led her to this calling to serve women and new mothers.

This podcast is all about vagina steaming, and how it can treat almost every gynecological issue. I know the term “vagina steaming” is not a term many have heard so we will discuss here what it is, how it works, what “the perfect period” actually looks like and my own personal success story with steaming.

Kristen Hauser- licensed acupuncturist, birth doula and yoga teacher- talks about the choices she made in her recent birth experience and why she trusted her instinct to choose this route; how it truly takes a village and how important the healing experience is. We also discuss Chinese medicine and postpartum care. She also shares her own unexpected difficulty with breastfeeding after an ecstatic birth experience.

Layla Centorrino illuminates what happens to a woman's chakra and energetic field when she is pregnant and gives birth.

Tobin Zion shares some relationship and intimacy hacks for those of you who are bored with the sex you are having, who feel like things have become boring or routine. You love your partner. It may have been great at some point, or maybe you married someone that you never had amazing chemistry with, but you are just not sure how to get things more spicy and interesting.

Christine Pelmas elucidates the difference between codependence and interdependence, and how care-taking can be a form of violence. She describes herself as an "essentialist" and how she sees gendering as a coexisting part of that. She talks about the forgotten role of mother as a soul guide.

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