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Activating the jaguar has to do with how we love, how we show up for relationships, how we parent, how we deal with money (or don’t deal with it), and how we do sex.

    The biggest leap in my own sexual healing journey came when I learned to activate predator energy. When I started Somatic Experiencing training 6 years ago, I was terrified of the word "predator," and couldn't have imagined that this would be the missing link to most of the work I do with women, whether helping them heal from birth trauma or sexual trauma.

    With the word “predator,” we are not trying to become predators, we are learning to occupy the full range of human, mammalian experience. Could a jaguar survive if it couldn’t bear its teeth to protect her young from predators or the food of her young? Could a jaguar survive if she could not hunt? That same jaguar relaxes, licks her cubs, teaches them to hunt, plays with them.  

    This course is for:

    • lovers
    • parents
    • birth-workers
    • practitioners and healers
    • therapists
    • and people who want to become more human.

    Understanding YOUR nervous system can be one of the most powerful experiences and footholds you can ever gain. 

    If you have done years of therapy and/or coaching, but still find life to be exhausting, your relationships difficult, and sex mysterious, discovering your own nervous system patterns may be the missing link. If you are a bodyworker, therapist, or healer, your ability to understand your own nervous system, as well as decode and allow someone to see their own activation patterns will be a huge boon. 


    Activate Your Inner Jaguar is for you if you experience: 

    • confusion around boundaries in work and life
    • a disconnect between what you want in life, and what you're getting
    • chronic yeast infections or BV, pain during sex
    • shut-down around sex (low desire or pleasure), or a proclivity to end up in experiences you're not sure you wanted

    In this six-week course, we will: 

    • Demystify the key elements of the nervous system and how to track them in yourself and others
    • Understand the way your psyche has constructed sex- what's in your sex suitcase?
    • Clarify your "Yes"es and "No"s
    • Illuminate what Sex actually IS from a nervous system perspective
    • Create and maintain boundaries with love
    • Clear up confusion about why your mind says one thing while your body says another
    • Understand your patterns with safety and sex 
    • Experience YOUR unique nervous system and how it works


    Watch the free intro class: 80 minutes of info about activating your own inner jaguar, plus concrete actions you can take in your own life.


    Course Format:

    • 6 weeks
    • six 75min weekly webinars (recorded if you’re unable to attend live) 
    • weekly lessons
    • powerful personal inquiries & assignments
    • a private Facebook community

    What others have been saying about this course:

    "After taking this course, I can really identify when I am in stress response – then I notice the different ways it might be showing up like avoiding or wanting to numb or wanting to get
    away. or defend and protect.

    I'm noticing when I'm in fight, flight, or freeze now, and I've learned ways to regulate my nervous system. I really notice when I am feeling like the "prey" and what's causing the activation, how that looks in my body. 

    I realized how many times I felt I went too far into a sexual moment with someone and couldn't say no, so I went along with it. Looking at that and feeling into my messages around that is pretty big."


    "Taking this course with Kimberly has revolutionized my sex life, and I'm not exaggerating. Even though I had done lots of sexual healing before the calls, I was still having a hard time translating that knowledge and compassion into real-life boundaries. During sex, I tended to follow a guy's lead, not asking any questions, and often getting angry after sex, at myself and at him, for going too far, or tolerating certain touches. I didn't understand this rut I was in. In this course I realized that somewhere along the way I didn't learn how to say no, how to pause, how to truly slow down and check in with me, beyond the social conditioning and my stories about what men wanted. 

    This course isn't always overtly sexual, but it all applies to sex, if that makes sense. It's about your body, how to read your reactions, and how to feel safe. The knowledge extends to sex and any interaction with another human, really." 


    "What made this training special was Kimberly's experience and use of real-life examples. The information given was often accompanied by first-hand experience, which made it so relevant and easy to digest for me.

    This helped me to understand and relate to information quickly and identify how it could help me in my own practice."


    "This training significantly broadened and deepened my understanding of Somatic Experiencing, the nervous system, and my own embodied self. If you want a rich, fascinating exploration of all things SE, nervous system, sex, regulation, and beyond … this is a theoretical and experiential blast."

    What makes this different than previous Jaguar courses:

    • This course runs for 6 weeks, rather than 4. 

    • This course will focus not only on somatic experiencing and the nervous system, but will include more real-life understanding of how these concepts and embodied experiences apply to sex. The two extra weeks will go into uncovering specific sexual topics: What is sex? What is a boundary? What is embodied consent? We'll also cover sex and attachment styles. These extra weeks were designed to land the information not only in your body for everyday life, but for sexual experiences as well


    Investment: $347; $297 early-bird

    A single face-to-face session with me costs $300. This course will cover more than we could ever cover in a 90 minute session. You will reap the benefits and "a-ha" moments long after the course is over. Please join us for this deep dive into your own being.


    Is this course for me if I haven't experienced outright sexual trauma? 

    Yes. This course was designed to give you a felt experience of power in your body, and for you to learn the ways that your body might be saying "no," while your mouth is saying "yes." This course is about owning your power, in a real way that translates to real-life boundary-setting in your relationships. 

    You'll learn why boundaries aren't a bad thing—they come from deep, internal experience, and allow you to live your life in a way that feels congruent in your mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

    What if I can't join the live webinars?

    No problem at all. We've had over 120 women take this course, and very few were able to come to each live webinar (and some couldn't attend any live, because of work and other commitments). The videos in this course are meant to be watched sometime during the week—you'll get a replay of each video within 24 hours of the live call. You'll receive information and experiential exercises in each video that you can work with all week. 

    How much time will I spend on course materials each week? 

    The classes will be approximately 75 minutes long, and we'll give you some experiential exercises to incorporate into your daily life during the week. All-in-all you'll be spending about two hours on course material (plus whatever you fold into your daily interactions). 

    I often say this course is about learning to be human. In this course I'll teach you to drop beneath the surface, where the body has a magnificent intelligence of what it needs to do to unwind itself. It's waiting for us to listen, to create a deep safety and resonance, to create the conditions where letting go is possible. 

    If you're tired all the time, if you've done all the things, if you're exhausted by the constant searching and trying to feel better, I assure you there is a deeper level of intelligence inside you, waiting to be discovered. the good news is that we have the technology and we can do it together.