It's hard to work with scar tissue and trauma without touching it. If trauma happened through touch, it needs to be healed through touch.

A personal story of full postpartum recovery without surgery even after being told a full reconstruction was inevitable. Ellen Heed talks with Kimberly Ann Johnson.

How to heal prolapse without surgery. Ellen Heed and Kimberly Ann Johnson, teachers of STREAM, discuss the symptoms of prolapse, why prolapse happens and what to do about prolapse.
In this week's episode we get intimate with our most intimate parts courtesy of Kimberly Johnson a la The Vaginapractor. Nikki and Kimberly take it all off in those no holds barred conversation, covering everything from the downside of pap smears to the upside of being a sex worker.

Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, yoga teacher, doula and single mom, Kimberly offers opening to a deeper level of truth and soul resolution, when tended to with the right nurturance and support.

Kimberly talks about the postpartum period, when it is important to respect the first 40 days after giving birth. She talks about the imperative that women are taken care of and nourished during this time, so that they can recover well. 


Founder of Magamama, yoga teacher trainer, Structural Integration practitioner, postpartum advocate, and single mother to Cecilia. 

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