I can’t stop thinking about this or talking about its potential for womankind. I feel lit up in a way I’ve been waiting to feel for years. So thank you in that kind of way that keeps resounding again and again.

- Rebecca Reyes

Kimberly's expert knowledge and hands on work has been crucial to my healing journey.

I was pregnant with my second and not at all feeling empowered and confident like I felt with my first. I was fearful about making my 2nd degree prolapse worse, didn't trust my body and had a lot of pain throughout my pregnancy. I feared the birthing process despite having successfully birthed natural the first time. 

I had extreme pain all pregnancy. It was located at my perineum, back, hips and pubic area. I also had incontinence that disrupted my life. 
With guidance from Kimberly I faced my fears about birthing the second time, and healed both emotional pain and old scar tissue. 

My first treatment helped so much. The mapping experience allowed me to better understand the previous birth trauma. The release of scar tissue helped with alignment of my soft tissue and took pressure off of my perineum. I have since been several times to further break down scar tissue, address scarring from the second birth, and release locked up fascia and tight muscles. 

I have experienced a lot of different healers during my seven year journey, attempting to heal my prolapse. Each has helped in some way but the biggest shift in my evolution towards greater health happened with Kimberly. She truly is brilliant in what she does, knows how to hold a sacred space that is therapeutic and supportive, and encourages healing to happen.  

- Karla Morrell

I am a yoga teacher and prenatal teacher trainer who spends a lot of time educating women about their pelvic floor health.

After having two babies myself, I did pelvic physical therapy for a bladder prolapse and diastasis recti. It was mostly healed, but Kimberly was the key that I had been looking for. I have received many Rolfing sessions, but never an internal session. She was able to address scar tissue, as well as deep muscular tension around my sitting bones, pubic bone and tailbone that I would never have been able to address in any other way. Since our session, I have continued to feel the extra space and ease of movement, as well as better sense of my internal body map.

I recommend this to any woman, but especially those who are looking to heal the more unseen layers of scar tissue resulting from vaginal childbirth. While it was an intimate experience, Kimberly took the time and care to make it the most professional and caring session possible. I would not hesitate to recommend her or to go back for another session when she returns to Chicago. Thank you, Kimberly!

- Lela Beem, co-founder of The Amala School of Prenatal Yoga

Kimberly's work is life-changing.

I didn't really know what was wrong with me but ever since I had kids, sex was different. Painful. Not as fun.  In just a few sessions with Kimberly, I felt like I was back to my pre-baby self again!  

This work is different than any other that I have ever done.  It healed a part of me that I never knew was hurt.

I would recommend this work for anyone who has any kind of issue with sex, whether it's pain, discomfort, problems climaxing, or even if you just want to get to know your body better.  It was so life-changing that I went on to study with Kimberly so I can join her in helping women through this amazing work.

- J.W.

I am a doula, postpartum care practitioner, and mother, and have been studying women's health for many years.

I have a business based on women's sexual health, specifically holistic pelvic care. I have studied with many practitioners, but Kimberly is a game changer. She takes everything she has studied and weaves it into the most useful and healing experience out there. She is simultaneously incredibly knowledgeable and articulate, accessible and easy to understand, and intuitive especially when it comes to bodywork.

- Kiana Reeves: Co-founder of The Tulip Jade Egg

In November of 2013 I gave birth to my first child.

It was planned as a home birth, but due to complications during labor I was transferred to the hospital for an emergency c-section. One of the baby’s shoulders had gotten stuck in my pelvis. At the hospital the on-call doctor attempted to vacuum-extract the baby three times before transferring me into the operating room.

Immediately after the birth my bladder was numb; I found myself spontaneously evacuating my bladder without warning or control. I continued to live with stress incontinence for years. I hike often for my job and was constantly on edge about leaking.

Three years later when I was pregnant with my second child I began to get serious about healing. I discovered Kimberly through podcast interviews that she’d given and I couldn’t get enough. I live 1200 miles away from Kimberly, but was called to seek out support and treatment with her. She graciously agreed to fit appointments with me into her weekend so that I wouldn’t have to lose time at work. Every interaction with Kimberly was honest, genuine, and loving. Our first session was a somatic experiencing of the birth, and from there we ventured into internal pelvic work.

The work was intense, painful, and surprising, but as we progressed over three sessions the landscape became much more supple and open and the pain left my body. She found scar tissue from an internal tear, which neither my doctor nor nurses had told me about.  She released myofascial tension that was holding my urethral sphincter in a suboptimal position, which caused my incontinence. After finishing our time together I was much, much dryer for the rest of my pregnancy. She even worked with me to do some birth rehearsal and helped me find the proper muscles I would need to employ for birthing.

My daughter’s birth six weeks later was smooth, fast, and empowering. I look forward to the day when I can work with Kimberly again.

- Prairie Wolfe, botanist and farmer

If you’ve ever had a baby, go to Kimberly Johnson.

Three years after my son was born, I discovered that I had a birth injury. I raced to my ob-gyn, only to be told that nothing can be done—surgery would be the only option. I was not ready to be on a slow path of degeneration, and thankfully I found Kimberly.

My first session was a revelation. She went through my entire birth story to find out what might have happened. With a remarkable breadth of knowledge, intellect, and ability to problem solve, Kimberly noticed things that my ob-gyn and doula had both overlooked. She then proceeded to start a rehabilitation: removing scar tissue, getting things back into proper position and alignment, reinvigorating nerves, addressing psychological blocks, dietary recommendations, and exercises. She didn’t just try to fix the injury, but everything that might be amiss from the transition to motherhood. And she did it all with gentleness, compassion, and strength. Three sessions later, my physical issues are healing, my pelvic floor feels stronger, and on the whole, I feel better than I did before giving birth.

These sessions also made me realize that the work Kimberly does is not just important, but absolutely critical for women’s health. We’re told to ignore our bodies, despite the major trauma of birth, to grin and bear it and eventually things will return to normal. If they don’t, well that’s the price of motherhood. Kimberly is almost single-handedly trying to change this backwards perspective, and show that all women require proper postnatal information and care. I wish that every mother could have an appointment with Kimberly to receive that care and much, much more.

- Heather Keller

Kimberly Ann Johnson is one of the most cutting edge educators I know. Her lens is so wide.

If you are a human interested in gaining insight into your own experience, learning about your physiology, nervous system and the way you organize your own psychology, contact her. My favorite thing about her is she shares real practical information without the new age vernacular and packaging. I have been so turned off by the "new age," "conscious" talks I have heard and attended over the last several years. The information gets diluted by wrapping it up in shiny language. I want to understand. Don't we all? I get that from this woman. 

- Lauren Duke

I took a course by the amazing Kimberly Ann Johnson recently, and her course helped me even further realize how much our bodies are sacred and so important to give love to.

They hold our experiences while carrying us through new ones. We need to work to remove the shame put towards our “sexual” parts. While our parts can be sexual, they’re also just body parts that need healing too! Kimberly is a sexological bodyworker and actually works on healing women’s bodies—typically after birth traumas or sexual traumas—and I find this so empowering. My boobs hurt right now, you know? But damn. Finding a massage therapist that’ll just treat them like a body part and relieve my pain? Oof. Red tape red tape red tape, waiver here waiver there. There are dedicated people who will do it I’m sure, yes, but it isn’t a norm.

Our vaginas and vulvas and other pelvic anatomy are totally ignored in many areas—in the sense that it’s removed from conversation. In yoga we put energy from head to toe, but jump right over our sexual anatomy region. We’ll be told to “send breathe to your belly, hips, pelvis, thighs.” No love or energy is sent to specifically to our womb, vulva, penis, etc. Which to me in turn says those parts are shameful and are to only be talked about in a sexual space. Which makes them only sexual (which just isn't true). Food for thought. 

- Celia Moase

Ever since my husband and I started having sex again after I gave birth, I've had pain at the opening of my vagina in what feels like the perineal area (the back side of the vaginal opening).

And I was confused. I hardly teared during birth—I had one tiny labial tear that needed a stitch. Why on earth did I have so much pain?! It felt tight. Like scar tissue.

At first, I thought it was normal after pushing out an eight pound baby, and expected it to heal over time. But after two years, I still had pain during sex, even after trying different positions. And it wasn't lessening or going away.

Now that I'm over halfway through my second pregnancy, I felt like pushing out a second baby was going to be excruciating. And I'm so not down for having a painful birth. My first was intense, but not "painful," even with zero medication. It was incredible.

So I made an appointment with Kimberly. She had helped me release some DEEP, painful stuff before my first birth, left over from the car accident that almost killed me. So I knew she was the one to help me heal this pain, too.

She works internally, so she put her gloved hand in and on my vagina where I was having pain. This is not sexual AT ALL. I think of it as physical therapy for my pelvic floor. She is completely respectful and I feel totally safe in her care.

She only touched me once I verbally told her she could and I was ready. But right away, just the lightest pressure of her fingertip was causing me to wince and groan in pain. Using very gentle touch and pressure to help the tissues physically release, she asked me if any images, thoughts, or memories surfaced as I felt the pain, and I realized, yes, my mind had been brought immediately to something that happened right after I gave birth. So I started talking.

Having some bleeding after birth is normal, but I bled a bit more than "normal". Not a hemorrhage, but more than my doctor liked to see. So one of the nurses soon began massaging my belly to help my uterus contract (and thus help the blood vessels close). But her touch has extremely firm - not the gentle touch I craved at that time. My uterus had just spent thirteen hours contracting, it was tired and sore. 

I asked the nurse, "Can you not?!" And she explained what and why she was doing, so I consented, but I hated it. It was awful. It was painful.

And as I started to talk about this to Kimberly, my body was suddenly wracked with sobs. Full body, gasping sobs.

I was floored. I realized that that experience had affected me far more deeply than I'd realized. I felt violated, ignored, dismissed, and like my sacred post-birth space had been invaded.

And I was physically holding that pain in my body. Maybe because I felt like I had no right to be upset over something that was designed to help me, maybe because I'd had a beautiful birth and had a healthy baby so what right did I have to complain? Maybe because compared to so many other women who experience birth trauma, my experience felt inconsequential... I had a lot of intellectual reasons to not be bothered by it. But there I was, sobbing on Kimberly's massage table. Clearly, I was bothered. A LOT.

I don't know why my body held on to the emotional and physical pain I'd felt, but it did, and as soon as I started talking and sharing my experience, and Kimberly held space for me to do that, to cry about it, while validating my feelings ... my pain eased, and then disappeared almost completely.

I went to Kimberly out of pure instinct, only to discover internal pain and scar tissue in the soft tissue of my pelvis accessible only through internal vaginal touch.

I'm sharing this with you because I know many of us experience trauma of different kinds, and as women, I think we are trained to "just deal with it." To think how we feel is silly, or that we have no right to feel what we feel.

When the truth is, all feelings are valid, even if you've had a positive outcome in the end. My pain was not stored at the site of the original pain and discomfort. Sometimes massage can trigger an emotional release for the same reason. Our bodies know how to cope, and sometimes that means tucking the pain away in muscle or tissues that don't seem to make sense. But…

Pain is a signal. It is not something anyone should learn to live with. It requires emotional release in order to heal. 

Whatever you may feel, physical, emotional, or both, it matters. It's valid. Your feelings and your voice are valid.

- Maggie Yount