I offer one-on-one sessions, groups, workshops, online courses, and professional trainings. On the site, you’ll also find a plethora of resources on all things sex, birth, motherhood, and trauma-related. Whether you are looking to heal from a prolapse, learn how to do sex differently, or you’re interested in self-care, you’ll find podcasts and articles on my site that will help.

If you are a mother or someone who cares for them, start with my book, The Fourth Trimester. If you are a birth professional, please check the event listings for more information on trainings and educational opportunities.

If you feel called to come in for guidance and hands-on healing, I offer the following one-on-one services, mostly in Encinitas, CA (I go to LA once a month, and I’m in NYC a few times per year). I also offer distance sessions; if there are none on the schedule you can email to get on the waiting list.

We’re going to follow the wisdom of your body in each session. Don't be overwhelmed by picking out what kind of appointment you would like; simply schedule and we’ll figure it out together when you come into the office for your appointment.


Birth Rehearsals:

What birth is actually like can only be experienced by birth itself.

However, you can arrive at the birth gate with your body and mind more prepared by an actual rehearsal of birth.

You’ll leave a Birth Rehearsal feeling more confident, less fearful and available for a deeper level of healing and awakening in the birth process.

During these individualized sessions, we’ll:

  • Map your pelvic floor

  • Learn and experience perineal massage (for decreased risk of pain/tearing)

  • Create resiliency in the vagina and perineum

  • Address fears around “stretching out and not tightening back up”

  • Address fears around pushing the baby out

  • Address tensions and fears held in the body (conscious and subconscious)

  • Give you a felt sense of your vagina’s amazing capacity; how it can stretch and return to its natural shape

  • Find the pushing muscles and practice using them

  • Create more knowledge, relaxation, and ease around birth

Birth Doula Services: I offer a handful of birth doula spots per year. Please read more here to learn about my birth doula services.

New mother?

Check out my book, The Fourth Trimester, to learn all you need to know about the postpartum period. 

Post-Partum Healing and Recovery Sessions: Becoming a mom is no small earthquake; it’s a tectonic plate shift.

The truth is that we are ALL altered by childbirth. Irrevocably, permanently altered.

This could be cause for celebration. Our birthright and shortcut to spiritual liberation! If it weren’t so darn challenging.

  • Was your birth traumatic?

  • Do you feel injured?

  • Is sex painful or not an option?

  • Was your six week visit cursory and inadequate?

  • Do you have: Hemorrhoids? Prolapse? Scar Tissue? C-section?

Maybe things just aren’t quite right.

Well, I have some good news. You don’t have to just tolerate the way you are feeling. Read more and schedule a session here (link to Motherhood page).

Looking for Sexuality or Trauma Healing?

Sexual Discovery Session: There are many reasons to come in for a Sexual Discovery Session. Perhaps you are in a rut with sex, and you desire more eroticism. Perhaps you’ve experienced sexual trauma or recurrent STDs or yeast infections. In these sessions, we work with boundary restoration, breath and movement, intimacy tools, and practitioner-to-client touch to expand your sexual capacities and heal from cultural or personal trauma.

Have a vulva?

Holistic Pelvic Health Care: Even if you feel great in your body, maybe you have a sneaking feeling that there is more to explore in your erotic intelligence. Perhaps you have noticed that in your fitness, yoga or meditation practice, your gender and sexuality are suspiciously absent, as if your womanhood was irrelevant.

Most women have been touched either in a clinical setting (the doctor or PT) or in a sexual setting (with lovers). Many of us have never experienced a compassionate and informed witness leading us through a journey of mapping our pelvis from the inside. This is an experience of empowerment that every woman deserves.

As women, we know that there is a lot of energy stored in our pelvises—even if we have not fully accessed it yet! Whether or not you have experienced abuse, most of us store tension in our pelvis. It can be profoundly awakening to experience healing touch in this forbidden or avoided territory. At times, it is the only way.

Please note that when you make an appointment, we’ll address what’s present for you when you come into the office. There is no intake form, though you can leave a short note when booking.