A Monthlong Dive through the Fourth Trimester and Beyond 

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Mothering is demanding, revelatory, complex, and redemptive.

We think we are mothering our children; often we are re-mothering ourselves. Our children reflect our lessons, and we’re not sure where we end and they begin.

We are living at a time of renegotiation and re-labeling. New archetypes are emerging. What is required of us as women and what we require of ourselves is totally NEW.

Women are finally getting honest about motherhood. There’s space in the culture for this formerly invisible experience. Our safety no longer depends on our perfection and our role-play.

At this time, we can define and redefine motherhood on our own terms. We can become the mothers that we want to be. We can live into a new way, with so many choices.

… and that comes with its own challenges.

Mothering is one of the wildest journeys. We need community and the mirroring and witnessing that comes with community.

I find that many of us are still straddling extremes: “I’m the most fulfilled Goddess in the world,” or “This is the hardest thing I have ever done.” Maybe you relate to one of these or both because it’s possible to feel these two things in the same day—heck, the same hour! This is a chance to join a community of fierce mamas with similar struggles and triumphs.


Course Format:

We’ll meet twice weekly in the month of May.

When: Starts May 7th ends May 30th

Days & Times: Tuesdays at 11am PST, Thursdays at 7am PST

All sessions will be live, but will also be recorded for you to view later/download.

Each call will be interactive. In addition to the presentation of the initial theme, there will be a combination of meditation, breathwork, writing, and somatic movement in each class—and a surprise guest or two.

We’ll use my book The Fourth Trimester as a jumping off point. We will workshop some of the exercises from the book, but I will also share some of the material that didn’t make it in (there were three chapters on spirituality that didn’t make it in!).

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What We’ll Discuss:

Mothering isn’t a linear journey, and neither is our work here. Our journey will flow depending on the collective energy and needs. I am a circular teacher who teaches with words, embodiment, meditation, writing, and somatic exercises. Here are the themes we’ll explore in-depth in our time together.









This Experience is For:

  • Mothers with children of all ages

  • Mothers who want closer community with other mothers

  • Mothers looking to live into a new narrative

  • People who want to redefine motherhood on their own terms

  • Women who want to be mothers

  • Women who mother

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What People are Saying:

“Kimberly Ann Johnson is a master space holder and facilitates growth and expansion with every class she offers. You don’t want to miss this.” - Jessika KL

“As always...I appreciate the open, honest vulnerability Kimberly leads with. I also love that she does not BS through the hard stuff.” - Suzette

“I love her direct, real, and authentic way of teaching. Totally resonated for me.” - R.V.

“If you feel it in your bones that you want to go to the next level of self work … if you feel moved to learn more, this is the class for you.” - D.S.


$297 regular price

$247 early bird (ends Sunday May 5th at midnight PST)

This course now includes lifetime membership and access to future MotherCircle courses.

Take this dive with me, into an amazing community, to set yourself up for a new way of being and your way of mothering.