Are social interactions overwhelming for you?

Are you confused by why you keep getting sick?

Do you want to be taken more seriously?

Do you struggle to feel comfortable in your own skin?

Do you freeze in the moment— only later to think of the perfect response?


Limits and Boundaries is for you if you experience: 

  • confusion around boundaries in work and life

  • feeling at a loss for words when things aren't going your way

  • taking everything personally (from someone else’s social media post to a friend’s disappointment)

  • feeling like you need to give more than you're available for

  • a lot of good ideas but you don't move forward 

  • dread around the holidays or social gatherings

  • repeated push-back when you say no

  • promising more than is actually fair to you

  • underearning

  • many aha moments or insights but nothing really changes

  • always being the "bigger person" (ignoring what you’re actually feeling)

Some of the things that we think of as physical problems (like autoimmune diseases, BV, or yeast infections) are our bodies ways of protecting us. If we don't have means of self-protection, our bodies will do it for us.


If you can't set limits, your body will set them for you. 

Or, instead of working with healthy boundaries, we hide out in our internal world: we don't date, we don't watch the news, and we don’t dare change our situations, because we know subconsciously that changing things … means we'd have to create and maintain boundaries. And for many of us, that’s frightening.

Does having boundaries mean you’ll rupture connection?

In this course, you’ll learn to feel what’s truly yours, and what belongs to others. And how to hold your ground.

You’ll learn to set limits and boundaries in your own life so that you have more left over to know and express yourself, thrive in what you do, and create meaningful, real connection.

Our bodies are speaking louder than all of our frameworks, philosophies, and sophisticated ideas. So how do we work with our bodies to change the story?


How Limits & Boundaries are changing lives:

At a consultation last week with a new Physical Therapist, I finally advocated for myself. I wonder if her being a woman had anything to do with feeling like I could finally Jaguar up and advocate for myself.

I told her from the beginning, look, I’m not your average patient. I know a lot about movement and the body. I’m a dancer and move my body in ways that most people don’t. When we got to the movement tests, I asked her to get specific. When she said stand on one leg, I asked her how- with a lateral shift or by letting my hips tilt? When she said touch your toes, I asked with a flat back or a flexed spine? When she said twist your spine, I asked from my thoracic spine, lumbar spine, or hips? Etc. I made her get specific about everything. I told her the movements she didn’t test for and showed her what movements cause me pain.

I felt activated (nervous and anxious) while doing this. It wasn’t easy for me to speak up and redirect the session when necessary. The story in my head is they’re the expert and because I never became a doctor, PT, or chiropractor, they must know more than me. Or that I’m being arrogant or confrontational by saying what I know. But that isn’t true.

I kept her on her toes and made her work. And you know what, I finally got some useful care.

- Emily Abrahams

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This course is for:

  • those who hold space for others

  • change-agents

  • parents

  • those who want to improve their relational skills

  • practitioners and healers

  • yoga and meditation teachers

Online Course Format:

  • 4 weeks

  • Four 90min weekly video classes

  • One class per week delivered to your inbox

  • powerful embodied exercises and assignments

Investment: $99 [regular price $199}

Week by week description:

  • Week one: Containment: Embodying “Yes” and “No”

  • Week two: Over-giving the dynamic of giving and receiving

  • Week three: Increasing capacity to weather conflict

  • Week four: Orienting and centering


How is this course different from Activate Your Inner Jaguar?

This course has less theory and even more embodied practice than Jaguar. It's a great complement to Jaguar for those who want more foundational material on the theme of boundary strengthening, sexual autonomy and differentiation. We zoom-in on one piece of Jaguar. Jaguar covers major principles of the nervous system, and this course is about one major aspect of selfhood.

Our culture is currently in this phase of differentiation—this course gives us the tools to differentiate gracefully. Differentiation requires ego strengthening. A lot of spiritual practice asks us to break down our ego conditioning- however many of did not start out with something strong to break down which can lead to further fragmentation, and a feeling of displacement.

Differentiation is the concept of knowing and owning what’s yours. It's what allows us not to take everything personally- to know what is our part and what is not. Differentiation allows you to tolerate conflict. You can stand in your truth even if it’s different than what others around you believe, without having to necessarily needing to reject them. You can disagree with someone and go on with your day. Then you can do your own work in the world with ease, and feel comfortable in your own skin.

When will I be able to access the video classes?

The videos in this course are meant to be watched once per week in order. You'll get access to a new video class each week. You'll receive information and experiential exercises in each video that you can work with all week. 

What kind of support is there?

You will be invited to join the Magas and Jaguars Facebook group which is a community forum to share experiences related to coursework with Kimberly.

How much time will I spend on course materials each week? 

The classes are approximately 90 minutes long, and will give you some experiential exercises to incorporate into your everyday life and interactions during the week.


Get Instant Access to Limits and Boundaries for $99

I created this course because there is a deep need in our culture for differentiation, and for being able to hold our ground with compassion—especially toward ourselves. We can maintain connection and renegotiate trauma through setting our own clear boundaries. Join this class for a deeply embodied education and real-life tools in holding your ground and owning your worth.


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Your Teacher: Kimberly Ann Johnson

Author, Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, birth doula, and single mom.

She specializes in helping women prepare for birth, recover from birth injuries and birth trauma, and heal from sexual trauma. She is the author of The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality.

She has trained yoga teachers, bodyworkers and birth workers both nationally and internationally specializing in scar tissue remediation and women’s pelvic, gynecological, and sexual health.

She has ushered thousands of women into their full voices and sexual expression through her signature courses Activate Your Inner Jaguar, Forging a Feminine Path, and MotherCircle.

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Kimberly’s style of teaching has been a welcome breath of fresh air. She is so insightful, so honest and so logical in her approach to complex subjects. I feel like my awareness of myself and others and understanding of behavior has deepened significantly. I know the skills in these techniques are to be honed over time and I don’t feel a rush to know everything now - which is a major change for me. I feel like she has given me a language to express myself with, and a knowing that expression of our own position is so important - for everyone we are in relationship with! Thank you so much Kimberly.
— Mary Ramage