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I have experienced profound and palpable changes after both the activate your inner jaguar class and the limits and boundaries class with Kimberly. I have suffered birth trauma, trauma related to several childhood experiences, and an unthinkable facial disfigurement which resulted in 27 facial reconstruction procedures over 8 years. Needless to say, I have lived with global activation and deep freeze states. I have done therapy, hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, and medication. THIS WORK IS WHAT IS HEALING ME. I am able to live fully now and I am able to move through experiences with resilience. I am forever grateful for Kimberly’s work and the way she teaches.

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I took the last round of Jaguar and it was and still is an awesome experience. I am still learning from it, integrating, having revelations like basically daily. It is rather difficult to even articulate so I will just say, from the depth of my being, thank you.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was such a fantastic course that landed in my system exactly when I needed it, and while I didn’t feel the seismic shifts occurring at the time, I now look back with such reverence at the tools you handed out like sweets, and the winding and spiraling wisdom that landed so eloquently in my system I hardly noticed their subtle sledge hammer effects.

This course has created a huge shift in my ability to regulate my nervous system. I am better able to navigate my environment by having the tools to identify how my body is feeling and reacting in specific situations. I feel a greater sense of embodiment and my boundaries are more clear with myself and others. Kimberly is an amazing teacher with so much knowledge and experience. She provides a safe container for learning and fosters the creation of online community.
— Phoebe Croxton

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5-star program! This course is for anyone and everyone that wants to be more in tune with their mind, body, and soul. Kimberly is sharing her expertise and first-hand experience with the world—what a wonderful gift to us all. Ever so thankful that Amazon.com recommended her book to me: The Fourth Trimester - A Postpartum Guide!

Kimberly’s style of teaching has been a welcome breath of fresh air. She is so insightful, so honest and so logical in her approach to complex subjects. I feel like my awareness of myself and others and understanding of behavior has deepened significantly. I know the skills in these techniques are to be honed over time and I don’t feel a rush to know everything now - which is a major change for me. I feel like she has given me a language to express myself with, and a knowing that expression of our own position is so important - for everyone we are in relationship with! Thank you so much Kimberly.
— Mary Ramage

Hear How Activate Your Inner Jaguar is Changing Lives & Relationships:

This course has been so helpful! I took my first Jaguar course back in the Spring, and just felt I needed more. I really looked forward to our “church” on Tuesdays, and the stimulating conversation along with embracing our awareness as empaths. I live in a very conservative area of DC/Northern Virginia and can feel like a fish out of water. These classes have been a saving grace for me. So many strong like minded people~ I can feel the positive energy and compassion come through~~~ Kimberly, please keep teaching, as you are such a bright light in a world that is in need of kindness, understanding and acceptance. I feel so blessed to be a part of this positive movement. xoxoxoxo
— Joanne Borrelli
After taking this course, I can really identify when I am in stress response – then I notice the different ways it might be showing up like avoiding or wanting to numb or wanting to getaway. or defend and protect.I’m noticing when I’m in fight, flight, or freeze now, and I’ve learned ways to regulate my nervous system. I really notice when I am feeling like the “prey” and what’s causing the activation, how that looks in my body. I realized how many times I felt I went too far into a sexual moment with someone and couldn’t say no, so I went along with it. Looking at that and feeling into my messages around that is pretty big.
— -2018 Student
Taking this course with Kimberly has revolutionized my sex life, and I’m not exaggerating. Even though I had done lots of sexual healing before the calls, I was still having a hard time translating that knowledge and compassion into real-life boundaries. During sex, I tended to follow a guy’s lead, not asking any questions, and often getting angry after sex, at myself and at him, for going too far, or tolerating certain touches. I didn’t understand this rut I was in. In this course I realized that somewhere along the way I didn’t learn how to say no, how to pause, how to truly slow down and check in with me, beyond the social conditioning and my stories about what men wanted. This course isn’t always overtly sexual, but it all applies to sex, if that makes sense. It’s about your body, how to read your reactions, and how to feel safe. The knowledge extends to sex and any interaction with another human, really.
Blaire Lindsay

Blaire Lindsay

Jessika Marie

Jessika Marie