Postpartum Healing and Nurturing through Food Rituals:

The Foundation for a Healthy Family

A free online class exploring nutrition in the 4th trimester

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In the free online class, we will:

- explore how food can be used as medicine

- identify the most common misperceptions that women have about diet, food dogma and real nourishment

- learn 3 concrete actions you can use today to begin taking better care of yourself and your family


Never before in the history of humanity have we been so disconnected to our food source and production, so if the problem is the solution let’s consider food as medicine.

Our culture is fast. We are living in a time of opportunity and great technological expansion where information is literally at our fingertips. However, what has been compromised along the way are some basic, essential life skills and rituals that promote health and wellbeing for our entire family.  


The health of the mother is the health of the family, and society and nutrition play a key role, especially during the postpartum phase.

What are these rituals?  Why is food important?  Why does honoring our ancestral lineage matter?

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