I'm teaching this class because for many women MONEY is directly related to our felt sense of FREEDOM. We have inherited scripts about how much money is okay to have, who should have it, and what "rich" and "poor" means to us.

We need to open our eyes, place our feet in the material world, and look straight at Money.

We need to build our capacity to handle money? And we can do it together.

In this class, we will explore:

  • Explore the relationship between power and money in our bodies

  • How to build your capacity to earn more and save more

This class is for you if you contemplate these questions:

  • Is it okay for you to have more when others have less?

  • Do you always pick up the check? Or avoid group dinners to not have to deal with the negotiation?

Or you:

  • Live month to month and always shuffling things around to make things work

  • Are ashamed about your relationship with money

  • Have spent all your money on trainings and educations, and aren’t sure how to start turning that into income

  • Avoid dealing with money problems

  • Compulsively check your balances 30 times a day

  • Always feel "behind" with money or confused about it

  • Martyr yourself and live in opposition to “things,” because of your world views about capitalism


Kimberly Johnson

Your Presenter: Kimberly Anne Johnson

Author, Sexological Bodyworker, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, birth doula, and single mom.

She specializes in helping women prepare for birth, recover from birth injuries and birth trauma, and heal from sexual trauma. She is the author of The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality.

She has trained yoga teachers, bodyworkers and birth workers both nationally and internationally specializing in scar tissue remediation and women’s pelvic, gynecological, and sexual health.

She has ushered thousands of women into their full voices and sexual expression through her signature courses Activate Your Inner Jaguar, Forging a Feminine Path, and MotherCircle.

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