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STREAM Module 1: Exit the Shame Matrix



TBA 2019 (Please note the above dates are not correct, we will announce soon when the training will be.)

At-home online study, Hands-on Hands-in 4-day intensive: 50 hours

Everyone needs to know more about sex. For professionals who want to work directly with sexuality by doing pelvic floor work in their practice, this workshop will offer an embodied approach to doing your own sexual work, boundary making, and somatic sex education so that you are genuinely available to help others. Shame keeps us small. We confront it over the course of one month so we can help others as well as ourselves to step out of its confines.

This training is a part of STREAM 2.0, but you may take it without taking the full STREAM training. You can find the application online. You may also email for more information.

For more information about the course, STREAM, and pricing, visit STREAM's website.

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