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STREAM Module 2: Radical Bodywork: Bone Holding, Body Reading & Touch with Eros


Online Home-study begins July 16th.

In-person weekend: August 16-19 in Los Angeles. You must attend all four days.

At-home online study, Hands-on Hands-in 4-day intensive: 50 hours.

Accurate assessment and palpation skills illuminate pelvic anatomy and improve your results when undertaking manual therapeutic work in the pelvis. Effective pelvic therapy requires skilled, informed hands. You need to know what you are touching, where it is, and how to touch it. Understanding that Eros informs the quality of your touch will improve your hands-on skills and create informed, effective boundaries. Learn accurate assessment to increase client compliance for improved therapeutic outcomes.

This training is a part of STREAM 2.0, but you may take it without taking the full STREAM training. You can find the application online. You may also email for more information.

For more information about the course, STREAM, and pricing, visit STREAM's website.

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