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FREE ONLINE CLASS - Holiday 911: Maintaining Boundaries with Family in Challenging Times

Every year, you carry a smidgen of hope that this time will be different.

After all, you've been doing your capital-W Work, and all your friends share stories of the last time they visited their families, and how magical it was. Everything was better. In fact, "this time it's like they really accepted me for who I am."

Then (deep breath) you're off that red-eye flight and in your parents' living room, nourished by only one protein bar because there's no real food to be found. Your family is watching Fox News on volume level 75, all whilst taking every opportunity to criticize how you live your life.

And what's your response to this? More often than not, you grab a handful of cookies and a drink, and regress into your 11-year-old self. (Or whatever your version of this is).

The holidays can be challenging for so many reasons—food choices, politics, exercise, schedules, sibling rivalries. Let's make this holiday different. In Holiday 911, I'll share practical techniques for creating your most dignified holiday season yet.

In this free class, we will:

  • identify common pitfalls and blindspots we fall into during the holidays

  • design a realistic masterplan for complicated and triggering situations

  • illuminate three powerful actions you can take to prepare yourself and create the best experience yet with your family

Many of us tend to overgive and overstretch during this time of year which results in regressing to childhood behaviors, growing resentments, and operating in overdrive.

This year, stop the cycle. We'll talk about how to make requests, and how to set yourself up to feel nourished and taken care of, even when traveling home.

No matter how you spend the holidays and where you give your energy, this is a powerful class to shore up your boundaries and create a plan for staying centered. When you sign up, you'll receive a link to the call, and a replay. Sign up for the class to receive a special, limited time offer.

I'm excited to share this class and can't wait to see you there.