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Free Online Class: Trauma & Transcendence

Trauma can be the very thing that leads us to transcendence. 

To be alive and to be human is to experience rupture in the fabric of our experience (trauma), but to be human is also to repair and to transcend. 

Most women have experienced unwanted sexual advances and had unwanted sexual experiences. How do we repair that trauma and establish a sense of safety as well as a trustworthy internal radar?

In this free class, we'll explore: 

  • what trauma is: it's a buzzword right now, what does it even mean?

  • when your spiritual practice is reinforcing your freeze state, rather than helping you out of it—and what to do about that

  • why you don't have to go excavating for the worst trauma and how instead, you can eat around the edges

We'll also talk about how spirituality can be a way to cope with, but perhaps hide our trauma. There's a difference between looking for the good, FEELING pleasure, and spiritual bypassing.

We'll look at what's happening when we think one thing, yet do something else. We have good intentions, but why is it we get stuck in the same reactions and patterns? 

I'll address how we can share our stories without repeating, clinging, or being buried by them, and we'll talk about the relationship between activation and sexual arousal.