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Women's Wide World of Sex with Kimberly Ann Johnson (New York)

Sexuality is mysterious territory. We know it holds the keys to power, to mystery, to connection, to our unconscious. and to our happiness! but many of us feel like we don't have that key.
Our ideas and beliefs may change, but our bodies aren't receptive. Or our bodies seem to want something that is not the partner we have in front of us. Or maybe you had a baby and everything that once worked for you doesn't seem appealing at all any more.
The media has all kinds of ideas and images about what great sex is, and most of them are wrong. There is pressure on all sides to have orgasms, many of them, for our health, for our relationships.
In this workshop you will learn
• what exactly is "sex"?
• the things that are influencing your sex and keeping you from getting what you want- it's not as obvious as you think
• what to do when the sex you are offered is not the sex you want
• what the sex that you want actually might look like
• how to get out of the rut of the same old pattern
• the skills to have great sex (with anyone)
• how to access your full erotic expression and sexual desires