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Forging a Feminine Path: Women's Sexuality and Spirituality

As women, we are holding the collective fabric, the very psyche of our planet. There are some tears in the patchwork, and our stories can help to heal those holes. Our work together here is reclaim parts of ourselves that may have been left behind when we attempted to fit our curvy selves into some rigid boxes of what “spiritual” looks like, or “good” looks like.

Course Content

  • How to Connect with Your Truest Inner Voice
  • Understand and Explore Your Own Sexual Anatomy
  • The Difference Between Orgasm and Climax
  • How to Clear Old Wounds – and Step Into the Center
  • Access your Sexual Energy as a Key Piece of Your Life Force
  • How Female Energy Bodies are Different from Males
  • What Qualities are Unique to a Woman’s Spiritual Path and to YOUR Spiritual Path

Course Format

  • daily lessons
  • weekly teleseminars (recorded if you’re unable to attend live)
  • audio and video lectures
  • POWERFUL and tender personal inquiries and assignments
  • a private Facebook community