About Magamama

The Magamama collective is dedicated to helping new moms get what they need after giving birth. We provide the care necessary for women and consequently their partners and families, to pass through the postpartum window more radiant, healthy, and whole. 

We understand the unique physiological needs that women have after birth and know that by attending to those needs, most women can avoid the isolation, confusion, depression and depletion that is all too commonly associated with this special time. 

All of the members of our team have deep embodied knowledge of the earth-based wisdom traditions as well as up-to-date modern tools so that the women we work with have the best care possible and feel deeply supported, honored, and loved during their most important initiatory life experiences.


From postpartum doulas services to scar tissue and trauma remediation to holistic pelvic health, to somatic sexual health and education, to massage and motherhood rituals, and more...


Centehua Sage is a movement alchemist and creator of Lunar Rhythm - sacred dance ritual. She is a postpartum doula, farmer, dancer, herbalist and mother. She resides with her partner and family in Vista where they host family farm gatherings, holistic cooking classes and women's circles. Centehua's passion is to share the magic of living life connected and in collaboration with nature's cycles. Her gift is dance and feeding people earth's  nourishing foods and medicines, she is especially grateful for the privilege to assist women in the postpartum stage which is essential for their health and their family's well being.  Centehua is in devotion and service to Gaia and committed to doing her part to activate a positive shift in our world. 

Lunar Rhythm is a sacred dance ritual dedicated to our connection to nature's cycles and one another. The intention of this offering is to remember and reclaim our ability to heal ourselves, to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and make an offering to our earth mama. Creative movement or dance is a powerful tool to activate the creative power in our bodies and empty our wombs of old stories and beliefs. We honor and call upon our ancestors who paved the way and celebrate us in the light. When women dance they activate the energies of earth, clear ancestral pain and embody the many aspects of the feminine thus cultivating self-love and acceptance.


Magamama offers the support needed for women to experience the profound magic available on the journey of womanhood.





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While there are many books about pregnancy and birth, there has been a scarcity of quality books, information and education about postpartum health. Kimberly Ann Johnson remedies this with equal parts empathy, education and elegant prose.


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