Sex, birth and trauma are some of the places that we get hit the hardest with societal programming, where there is the most confusion, and therefore the potential for the most healing. 

I stand for embodiment, evolution, and maturation. 

I stand for a return to wholeness and innate intelligence- potential outcomes of sex, birth and trauma experiences. 

I’ve lived through these descents myself.

I’m here to share the composted wisdom of these experiences with you so that your path is a little lighter, and you don’t have to feel as alone as I did. While it takes courage, it may be the most powerful and transformative journey you’ll ever take. Become a Maga- a sorceress with magic powers gleaned from working with the raw material of experience from your unique path. 

Do it for yourself- for the reclamation of your soul’s purpose. 

Do it for our children and the planet. Thank you for being here.

Have courage,


Kimberly Ann Johnson, CSB, SEP


Kimberly Johnson

Hi I’m Kimberly.

Ten years ago I embarked on a journey to teach yoga on a tropical island in Brazil. I had no idea that that adventure would be my initiation into womanhood and motherhood. After a healthy pregnancy and homebirth, filled with ocean swims, yoga practices, and ice cream (as well as fleas and unidentifiable skin rashes) 

I was shocked when my post-partum experience was so difficult.

None of the bodywork and yoga tools I had were working, and I couldn’t find the answers to the questions that I had. I had severe tearing in my pelvic floor, constant low back sacral pain, hemorrhoids, and searing pain during sex.  When I scoured the internet looking for “holistic postpartum care” or “birth injuries,” all I found were hundreds of thousands of entries validating postpartum depression.

I couldn’t find anything on practical ways that I could address the symptoms I was feeling.

When I was told I needed full pelvic floor reconstructive surgery, I knew there had to be a better way.

I traveled to Thailand and Malaysia to learn the age-old wisdom of Asian postpartum practices. I met my mentor, Ellen Heed, who specializes in scar tissue remediation and is a pioneer in women’s pelvic health.

I devoted myself to healing on every level- physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

When I finally rose from my own postpartum descent, I studied the modalities that were most effective and profound on my own journey.

I became a birth doula, a certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Over the past eight years I have worked with hundreds of women in person and online all around the world, in roles varying from medical advocate and translator to birth doula to sexual health educator to workshop facilitator to teacher. Hearing my story, many women have come to me as a last resort to see if non-surgical healing from birth is possible for them, too.

I have the honor of helping many women put the pieces of their birth experience together so that they can understand what has happened with them.

Together with my mentor, we have founded the STREAM School for Postpartum Care, where we train professionals to help women heal from painful sex, birth injuries, and genital trauma.

I am in private practice in Encinitas and Los Angeles, specializing in birth injuries, birth trauma, and sexual health.

As the sum total of my international teaching and research, hundred of hands-on sessions, and most importantly, my own experience on the road to postpartum recovery, I have spent the last four years writing The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality which will be published by Shambhala Press on December 26, 2017.

My most outstanding accomplishment is being a single mom to my fiery 10-year-old, Brazilian daughter, Cecilia.


Magamama offers the support needed for women to experience the profound magic available on the journey of womanhood.





The Fourth Trimester

While there are many books about pregnancy and birth, there has been a scarcity of quality books, information, and education about postpartum health. Kimberly Ann Johnson remedies this with equal parts empathy, education and elegant prose.


A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions & Restoring Your Vitality

 What if the postpartum period could be relaxing, restorative, and deeply healing? What if you could emerge feeling more connected to your body, your partner, and your soul’s purpose?